Rumors After Second Miss Earth Venezuela 2017 casting

The second round of Miss Earth Venezuela 2017 casting was successfully held on April 17, 2017.

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Miss Earth Venezuela 2017 Rumored Candidate
Who is the mystery woman who auditioned for Miss Earth Venezuela 2017?

The second nationwide casting for Miss Earth Venezuela 2017 came after its first one where more than 100 beauty Venezuelan women came for the chance of qualifying as one of the 24 candidates. By the reception it is getting, it seems that Miss Earth Venezuela is definitely on a great start.

But the large turnout is said to have surprised the two national directors of Miss Earth Venezuela, one of which is Miss Earth 2013 Alyz Henrich.

There are several rumors that are spreading like wild fire about Miss Earth Venezuela 2017, this came after several teasers were posted online about some of the beauties who came to the second nationwide casting. According to several sources, a former Miss Venezuela titleholder came to the casting, much to the delight of many pageant fans.

Miss Earth Venezuela 2017 Casting Held

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Many have speculated that this former Miss Venezuela titleholder is Migbelis Castellanos, Miss Venezuela 2013 and Miss Universe 2014 Top 10 finalist. Others say that it was Mariam Habach, the popular Miss Venezuela delegate to the Miss Universe 2016 who went unplaced in Manila early this year.

Another speculated titleholder was Jessica Duarte, Miss International Venezuela 2015, who went unplaced in Miss International 2016, much to the surprise of many pageant followers.

Also, according to some reports, Miss Earth Venezuela 2017 finals will be held in July. The rumored broadcast partner is Televen, staunch rival of Venevision, and is currently the leader in Venezuela’s television ratings. ┬áThere was also a mention of a car prize for the lucky woman to be crowned as Miss Earth Venezuela 2017.

Miss Earth Venezuela 2017 Casting News
Miss Earth Venezuela 2017 Casting was in the news, appearing in Venezuela daily El Nacional.