Queen of Pageants 2016 3rd Runner-up is Felicia Hwang

Her distinct Asian look and magnetic eyes, Miss International Indonesia 2016 and Miss International 2016 2nd Runner-up Felicia Hwang, is chosen as Queen of Pageants 2016 3rd Runner-up.

Felicia Hwang is an Indonesian of Chinese descent who was crowned Puteri Indonesia Lingkungan 2016, or first runner-up, in the 2016 Puteri Indonesia competition. She then competed at Miss International where she performed extremely well and easily stood out with the bevy of beauties competing in Tokyo.

Felicia is a graduate of Bradford University in England with a Bachelors degree in accounting and finance. It was not a surprise when she bagged the Miss Intelligence award in Puteri Indonesia.

Queen of Pageants 2016 3rd Runner-up Felicia Hwang of Indonesia

Felicia’s beauty is simple yet magnifying. One can’t help gravitating towards her even in a crowd, especially with her amazing slim figure and piercing eyes. With that plus getting the highest number of votes in the online poll, Miss International Indonesia 2016 is indisputably the Queen of Pageants 2016 3rd Runner-up.