Philippine’s Karen Ibasco wins Miss Earth 2017 & Pageant Review

The 17th edition of Miss Earth 2017 concluded with Philippine bet Karen Ibasco bagging the crown. She impressed the judges with her wit and impressive answers, winning the 4th crown for the Philippines and 3rd in a span of four years.

The candidate from the Philippines slew the competition by giving the best answers in both the Hashtag Round and in the Final Question. When Miss Philippines picked the topic #biodiversity she quipped:

“Biodiversity is very important. We are very known in the Philippines to have a lot of biodiversity, and they’re very important because they also balance the ecosystem. It’s very important for us to protect them, because as we protect them, we protect the environment to help save our home, our planet, our Earth, to be a better place to live in. Thank you!”

For the final question, the final four delegates were asked: “Who or what do you think is the biggest enemy of Mother Earth and why?”

The Philippine delegate quickly replied: “I believe that the real problem in this world is not climate change; the real problem is us because of our ignorance and apathy. What we have to do is to start changing our ways, to start recalibrating our minds, and redirecting our steps, because together, as a global community, our micro efforts will have a macro effect to help save our home, our planet. Thank you.”

Miss Earth 2017 Top 16

Completing the winning court were Australia’s Nina Robertson, crowned Miss Earth-Air 2017, Russia’s Lada Akimova bagging the Miss Earth-Fire 2017, and Colombia’s Juliana Franco winning the Miss Earth-Water 2017 title.

The remaining delegates completing the Top 8 finalists were fan favorite Paweensuda Drouin of Thailand, Iva Uchytilova of Czech Republic, Faith Landman of the Netherlands, and another crowd favorite, Ninoska Vasquez of Venezuela.

Miss Earth 2017 Opening Dance 2

Opening Number

The show started with a stunning opening number featuring the four elements. The stage design and the LED background were simple but well-utilized. The outgoing queen, Katherine Espin of Ecuador came out dancing to the beat and music of Dua Lipa’s New Rules. The dance is energetic and very catchy.

The delegates came out and introduced themselves using their superheroine names. This is truly original and no pageant has ever done it yet. Some of the costumes worn by the delegates were creative, some were playful, and some were rip-offs of some popular ones like Wonder Woman and Catwoman.

Nonetheless, the opening production number was very entertaining. This is the part where Miss Earth has trumped its competition. Even Miss Grand International’s Vietnam inspired opening number paled in comparison. There has been a perfect blend of amazing dance moves and the music used.

Miss Earth 2017 Stage

Stage Design

This year’s stage design was very innovative. It was well-thought off and the execution is really commendable. The drastic changes of the backdrop from the elemental design during the opening, to the falls during the swimsuit competition, and up to the classic temple backdrop for the evening gown presentation.

Here are some thoughts as to the results:

1. The winner is not the most facially stunning. As a matter of fact, if you will rank all the past Miss Earth winners, the 2017 queen would probably be last. But she has an amazing brain. Her answers are on point and well structured. She has amazing analytical skills and she can construct amazing answers even under pressure.

2. Thailand faltered during the Hashtag Round. If only she was able to hit it properly and discussed the millennials and their role in the conservation and preservation of Mother Earth, the Miss Earth crown would already be in the bag.

Miss Earth 2017 Evening Gown

3. The exclusion of Venezuela from the Top 4 was shocking. While not the best answer, she did not falter either. Combined with her amazing presentation skills and the trademark Venezuelan stage presence, a Top 4 placement is definitely proper.

4. Russia is the biggest surprise of the night. She has this amazing and totally unconventional moves and Passarella. But while they were an overtop performance, her moves looked elegant and she was flirty but looked innocent at the same time.

5. The Top 16 were made up of deserving and very competitive women. The opening of the Preliminary Judging is very refreshing and it gave the transparency that fans and critics were clamoring from Carousel Productions, the organizer of the annual Miss Earth pageant.

Miss Earth 2017 Swimsuit


The Miss Earth 2017 pageant is truly an entertaining and engaging pageant. This year, Miss Earth gave fans and haters alike a superb show, amazing stage, fast-paced finals competition, and a clear message: the results of the judges’ votes would prevail, no matter how unpopular would it be.

While harsh criticisms were being thrown against the new Miss Earth for being not the prettiest face of the competition, it could not be denied that she gave the best and most sensible answers during the finals night. Miss Earth is not only about beauty. The pageant looks for a woman who could get attention and bring awareness to the public and give the crown and title a strong and powerful voice to urge the public to act now and start saving the environment.

Photos Courtesy of Miss Earth Facebook Page