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More than news and updates, ThePageantry.com aims to deliver amazing features, objective reviews and commentaries, as well relevant and interesting tidbits and trivia on beauty pageants.

Started as a Facebook page by a law student, who is a passionate pageant fan, The Pageantry became an avenue to express opinions on matters affecting beauty pageants. In pursuit of a platform for objective reportage and commentaries, unbiased by vested interests, and motivated merely by love for beauty pageants, the website was born.

ThePageantry.com is not in the business of promoting beauty pageants by pulling down other pageant systems. The website is about bringing relevant information and pageant stories that matter. To state it differently, ThePageantry.com was created to provide a space for meaningful discussions, unbiased commentaries, and deliverance of opinions unclouded by hate and bigotry.

ThePageantry.com is the creator of The Pageantry Awards.

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