The Next 5 International Beauty Pageants

In recognition of the achievements of some international beauty pageants, while they may not yet at the level of the five major competitions so-called the Big 5, their clout in the pageant world is sufficient enough to set them apart from the rest and be called the Next 5 International Beauty Pageants.

The Pageantry® is introducing the Next 5 pageants. They are the five international pageants that have already made the mark in the world of beauty pageants, certain longevity, popularity, and other merits which allow them to be different from the other international tilts. The Next 5 are poised to rival the Big 5 pageants in the years to come, with potential to join the big league and be dominant brands in pageantry.

Miss Grand International
Only four years in the business, this Thai-based pageant has already made a mark in the international scene with its superb production values come the finals night. Combining elements from Miss Universe, Miss International, and Miss Earth, Miss Grand International has produced entertaining and glossy finales year after year.
With more than 1 million Facebook likes, it has the third largest Facebook following among international pageants, next to Miss Universe with 6 million, and Miss World with more than 2 million. Its growing social media presence is a proof that Miss Grand International is a force to reckon with in the years to come.
miss grand international
However, MGI is still lagging behind Miss Earth and Miss International in terms of international popularity as it is still barely covered by the international media. Its Google trends data also lag behind the two Big 5 category pageants. In fact, MGI is still generating lower Google search indexes than the lowest ranking Big 5 pageant, Miss Supranational.
But the promise that Miss Grand International has is sufficient enough to secure its place in the Next 5 category. Given time and stability, with growing number of franchises all over the world, Miss Grand International has the potential to join the Big 5.
Miss Intercontinental
With 45 years of existence, Miss Intercontinental is the fourth oldest running international beauty competition next to Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss International. Its longevity is its most endearing merit which makes it a prime candidate for the Next 5 category.
miss intercontinental
The pageant boasts a stable number of participants every year and a unique format of continental qualifiers during the finals night are also considered. It was the original pageant to have awarded the Continental Queens, candidates who finished the highest in their respective continents.
Under new management, Miss Intercontinental has managed to produce a decent finale night this year with the eventual crowning of Miss Puerto Rico. While better production is still wanting, Miss Intercontinental is already on its way to better years should it secure more sponsorship and support.
Miss Tourism International
The Malaysian-based tourism themed pageant has started in 1994 and boasts 60 plus participating countries annually. While it has the potential to join the Big 5 as warranted by its longevity and relevant theme, the pageant has problems with consistency. As of writing, Miss Tourism International was not held in 1996, 1997, 2007 and 2015.
miss tourism international
While other international pageants are held in various dates, Miss Tourism International was consistently held on December 31, as New Year’s event. Since the acquisition of the pageant, it has been organized around the theme of promoting tourism of the host country, which was most of the time the home country Malaysia.
Miss Globe
The Miss Globe included in the Next 5 is the one produced by Deliart Association of Petri Bozo from 2004 to 2015 and continued by the new Miss Globe Group, Inc. based in Toronto, Canada which bought the Miss Globe brand from the trustee of Charlie See, founder and owner of the brand.
miss globe
With a pageant name which could stand side by side with the likes of Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Earth and Miss International, Miss Globe has the potential to make it big in the business if only it will be run by good hands. Through decent sponsorship, the pageant was able to hold a decent finals night last year and is promising a bigger and better one this year in Albania.
Miss United Continents
The pageant which was formed in 2006 as Miss American Continent has evolved into Miss United Continents to cater other countries outside the Americas. It has around 30 participants every year which is not that many for an international pageant. But its consistent run since 2006 and the election of deserving winners make the Miss United Continents pageant a potential successor to the Big 5 pageants.
miss united continents


It has had decent productions also for its finals night which adds to its merits. While there are still much work to do in order for MUC to grow and expand, The Pageantry® is confident that the pageant will reach that number of contestants at par with the other Next 5 pageants.