Social media has now become an important tool for beauty pageants. As such, The Pageantry is looking into international beauty pageants ranking by social media.

With the importance of social media in the internet age, all major and emerging international beauty pageants have their social media amped promoting their respective pageants and corresponding advocacies. And the most common social media accounts for beauty pageants are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We will be ranking the Top 5 international beauty pageant according to the above-mentioned social media networks.

International Beauty Pageants Ranking by Social Media

First is Facebook. Being the most popular social media site globally, beauty pageants have utilized Facebook for pageant announcements, lifestream of preliminary events and even voting for some special categories like national costumes and most photogenic awards.

Facebook Ranking (as of May 10, 2017)
1. Miss Universe – 7,907,298 Likes
2. Miss World – 2,956,666 Likes
3. Miss Grand International – 1,451,083 Likes
4. Miss Supranational – 899,426 Likes
5. Miss Earth – 303,966 Likes

Here are the international beauty pageants ranking by social media, this time in Instagram:

Instagram (as of May 10, 2017
1. Miss Universe – 2 million Followers
2. Miss International – 166K Followers
3. Miss Grand International – 74.1K Followers
4. Miss World – 57.3K Followers
5. Miss Earth – 55.9K Followers

Finally, the international beauty pageants ranking by social media, via Twitter:

Twitter (as of May 10, 2017)
1. Miss Universe – 702K Followers
2. Miss World – 53.2K Followers
3. Miss Earth – 14.7K Followers
4. Miss International – 10.7K Followers
5. Miss Grand International – 1.2K Followers

From the ranking above, Miss Universe is the beauty pageant supreme in terms of social media following. The Big 5 pageant has more Facebook fans than all other major and Next 5 pageants combined. It’s also the most followed and the only one to reach a million followers on Instagram. Lastly, the Miss Universe twitter handle also has more followers than the rest of the top 5 combined.

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Miss World is second in terms of Facebook fans and Twitter followers while Miss International is second in terms of Instagram followers. Miss Earth, on the other hand, is consistent across all social media platforms, placing 5th on both Facebook and Instagram and third in Twitter.

Absent in Twitter ranking is Miss Supranational while Facebook and Instagram favorite Miss Grand International is lagging behind on Twitter placing fifth but only with 1.2K followers.