Country of the Year

Country of the year is the award given to the pageant country with the highest accumulated score in all Big 5 and Next 5 pageants at the end of a pageant year.

However, the computation of these composite scores would a little bit complicated.

In the Country of the Year or COTY Award, The Pageantry will consider all things in the pageant world, namely: the participation of countries, the weight of the pageant and the special awards that are being given.

This complex computation can actually be reduced to a simple equation:

Total Score = Participation Score + Placement Score + Awards

Participation score

The participation score is determined by the number of edition that a pageant had. This is  intended to give weight and importance to the history and longevity of the pageant.

For example, in the 60th edition of Miss Universe, a  country that has participated will get 60 points. As such, countries which have sent delegates to older pageants like Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss International will get higher participation scores.

Placement score

The number of delegates in a particular pageant will play an important role in determining a country’s placement score. This means that winning in a pageant like Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss Earth where annual participation is high will definitely be a boost in a country’s ranking. Moreover, a country’s placement score will be multiplied by two (2) if such placement happened in a Big 5 pageant. Winning a Big 5 crown would definitely weigh more than a Next 5 victory.

Now, here’s the breakdown on giving score to each placement:

Winner = 100% x Number of delegates in a particular pageant

Runner Ups/Top 5 = 60% x Number of delegates in a particular pageant

Top 10 or 2nd Cut = 30% x Number of delegates in a particular pageant

Top 15 /Top 20 or 1st cut = 25% x Number of delegates in a particular pageant

Continental Awards (Miss World, Miss Supranational and Miss Intercontinental) = 20% x Number of delegates in a particular pageant (* Revised starting January 2016)

For example, if there were 83 delegates in an edition of Miss Universe and Miss Venezuela was crowned 2nd Runner-Up, then pageant powerhouse nation will accumulate a score of 99.6 points.

Calculation: 60% x 83 = 49.8 points multiplied by two (2) = 99.6 points

If Thailand won the Miss Intercontinental crown with 60 delegates, then it will earn a total of 60 points.

Calculation: 100% x 60 = 60 points

Simply put, the number of delegates and the pageant category play an important factor in a country’s placement score.

Special Award Score

Again, the number of delegates of a particular pageant plays an important role. Winning any of the recognized special wards will allow a country to earn additional points. It will be computed as follows:

Special Awards = 25% x Number of delegates in a particular pageant

The Pageantry will only consider three (3) Special Awards in computing scores for Country of the Year. These are Miss Photogenic, Miss Friendship or Congeniality and Best National Costume.

The rationale for consideration of these awards are, first, these are the most common awards given in international beauty pageants and second, these are not included in the criteria for the selection of the semi-finalists.

As indicated above, becoming a semifinalist already results to a placement with the same weight of the Special Award. So giving points to awards which are part of the preliminary scores would result to duplicity of points. We don’t want that.

Take note, it is only in the Placement Score where Big 5 pageants will have a bigger weight than Next 5 pageants. For special awards, both Big 5 and Next 5 pageants will have the same weight. The only variable would be the number of delegates participating during that year.

Sample Computation

For example, let’s say in Miss Venezuela was awarded Miss Photogenic Universe. Therefore, Venezuela will have an accumulated score of 20.75 points.

Calculation: 25% x 83 = 20.75 points

So we can now compute the total score of Venezuela in Miss Universe…

Total score = Edition/Participation + Placement + Awards
Total score = 60 points + 99.6 points + 20.75 points
Total score = 180.35 points

Now, this 180.35 points for Venezuela are only in Miss Universe . So we will add all the scores of Venezuela in all pageants it participated for the year in Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss International and etc. This will be done for all countries participating in any of the pageants.

Over-All Score = Miss Universe + Miss World + Miss Earth +…


* In case a pageant gives out Continental Queen Awards, a contestant will only be eligible for the points if she did not place in the 1st cut of semi-finalists. This is to avoid duplication of merits since semi-finalists are already given points as placement score.

*Scores computed for all countries per pageant will be added together to come up with the “Over-All Score”. The one which will get the highest accumulated “Over-All Score” will win the Country of the Year Award.

* The number of delegates in a particular pageant plays a major role in our scoring system. This is not to favor Miss World and countries which are performing better in Miss World. Rather, it is intended to give premium to a placement by a country by defeating more competitors.

*Moreover, the level of participation in pageant is an important indication of the support the pageant is getting. It is for these reasons that the number of delegates is used as an index of our computation.