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Pageantry Awards 2019: Thailand for Miss Universe 2018 Wins Best Host Country

The Pageantry Awards 2019 is an annual event started by to recognize the best of the best among the six major pageants in the planet. 

Pageantry Awards 2019 Thailand for Miss Universe 2018 Wins Best Host Country

Winner- Thailand/Miss Universe 2018

Exotic and culturally rich, Thailand is one of the world's top destinations. And hosting Miss Universe has brought a whole new level of excitement for many pageants fans across the globe. 

With Thailand hosting the 2018 edition, every aspect of Miss Universe was considered upgrades compared to the 2017 edition. The Thais know how to produce events and this was evident in all activities of Miss Universe. From the buzz-worthy National Costume competition, the Thai Night fashion event, and the courtesy call to the country's top government official, Miss Universe 2018 is the most followed and most talked-about beauty event of the year.

The beaches of Thailand also provided an amazing backdrop for the video introductions of the candidates used during the live broadcast. And with the spacious arena and warm reception of the Thai people, the Miss Universe 2018 hosting of the Land of Smiles proved to be this year's best.

Runner-up - Philippines/Miss Earth 2018

Again, the Philippines hosted the Miss Earth pageant. This is the 16th time that the Philippines hosted the environmental-themed pageant. And the pageant crazy nation has once again proved itself to be the best country to host any beauty pageant. 

With the support of many local government units, the contestants of Miss Earth 2018 were able to visit many tourist spots and destinations, getting the royal treatment from the locals, and enjoying the holiday of a lifetime. Albeit the 2018 edition has been mired by the controversy of sexual harassment allegations, the Philippines still got high scores for providing a robust line-up of meaningful activities for the contestants. 

In terms of reception, activities, tours, and travels, Miss Earth and the Philippines got the second highest score and secured this year's runner-up trophy.

Highly Commended - Japan/Miss International 2018

With Asia's cleanest and most developed nation as host country, Miss International 2018 clinched this year's 3rd spot. Japan played host to Miss International for a straight of 7 years now. And every year, the Japanese people have provided warm hospitality to the contestants and relevant cultural immersions that allow for universal appreciation to the Japanese culture of order and respect. 

The 2018 edition saw several travels made to numerous parts of Japan. The candidates were welcomed by authorities and officials of the prefectures visited, showing the clout and importance of the pageant. The activities done for the candidates were not flashy, nor over the top, but they were all done with a certain elegance and respectability that other pageants should emulate.

Other Pageants

Word-class amenities and huge venues, Sanya in China provided Miss World the best facilities to pull off another amazingly produced edition. Being China's tropical paradise, Sanya boasts several venues for the Miss World pageant and its numerous Fast Track events. Evident of the amazing facilities provided is the quality of backdrops used for the Head To Head Challenge and several video packages incorporated for the final show. But the scores massively suffered due to the lack of Facebook and social media presence in China that led to delayed, if not virtual absence, of updates that resulted to it being this year's 4th place. 

In 5th place is Myanmar for Miss Grand International. When initially announced, fans were excited that the exotic country of Myanmar will serve as host to the young Miss Grand International. The culture of Myanmar, formerly Burma, has fascinated the world for a long time. And with its recent opening to the rest of the world, hosting MGI was probably the best idea. But the 2018 edition of MGI turned out to be a disappointment, with many promised activities as initially announced did not take place. 

MGI announced that there will be visits to the UNESCO Heritage site of Bagan, Myanmar. But all of a sudden, the 2018 edition was just confined in the former capital, and the activities were basically limited to sight-seeings, countless hotel dinners disguised as galas. It was Miss Grand International 2016 in Las Vegas all over again.

In the last place is Poland which hosted Miss Supranational. For the 9th time, Poland hosted the 10th edition of Miss Supranational and once again, a tiny mountain resort village hosted the pageant. Nothing new has been offered this year as basically there has been limited things to do in the chosen venue.

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