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Pageantry Awards 2019: Miss Universe Wins Best in Pageant Format

The Pageantry Awards 2019 is an annual event started by to recognize the best of the best among the six major pageants in the planet. 

Pageantry Awards 2019 Miss Universe Wins Best in Pageant Format

Winner- Miss Universe 2018

With a small tweak of its proven and tested format of finals competition, Miss Universe dominated the category and is this year's winner of Best in Pageant Format. 

For years, Miss Universe has brought excitement and heart pumping finals competition with its straightforward 3 round of competition, namely: Swimsuit, Evening Gown, and Interviews. But with the previous format, only five of the finalist can reach the Interview Round and face the test of substance and speaking skills. 

However, with the growing emphasis on women empowerment, substance over superficiality, Miss Universe added another round which judged the Top 20 as to their speaking skills. Immediately after being chosen as semifinalists, the Top 20 were given time to discuss their advocacies or things they aspire to do as Miss Universe's brand ambassador.

And such small change brought a rippling effect, changing the competitive dynamics, and basically overhauled the standards to be used from now on in choosing the girls who will compete in Miss Universe. Bombshells, long legs, banging body, and stunning face are no longer enough to get the coveted crown, a Miss Universe has also had to be excellent in public speaking since the first cut is determined by this skill. 

First Runner-up - Miss Earth 2018

With the retention of its 2017 format, Miss Earth made a unique onstage competition that sets it apart from other international competition. The Miss Earth format got high scores for its uniqueness and innovation.

Immediately as the candidates are being announced to be part of the Top 20, they would walk the stage in their evening gowns and will be judged according to poise and elegance criteria. With slow-pacing musical score, the round is reminiscent of the past era, where candidates walk slowly and elegantly. It was long ditched by pageants in exchange for the fast-paced runway walk to the beat of danceable pop music.

The Hashtag Round was also one of the standouts for Miss Earth, as the candidates are asked to discuss trending topics on social media. Timely and relevant, this round of competition basically elevates Miss Earth to a whole new level of social relevance.

Highly Commended - Miss World 2018

While heavily criticized for its dwindling entertainment value, the Miss World 2018 format still gets high scores for its amazingly produced Fast Track Events and how these sub-competitions give the impression of a grueling and comprehensive selection process. 

The finals night, while not that exciting, exudes elegance and makes Miss World the least "objectifying" in its selection criteria, with the focus is solely placed on beauty and substance, ditching the fan-favorite swimsuit competition.

But Miss World could have done better if there would be alternative onstage competitions like exchanging the swimsuit round with a cocktail dress competition or some athletic wear round. Onstage competition is an essential element in pageantry that keeps all the excitement.

Other Pageants

Placing 4th is Miss Supranational which has given new additional rounds for onstage competition that allows the pageant to keep the excitement, and yet doesn't appear to be a copycat. After all, in the pageant format category, uniqueness and originality are the most relevant one. 

In 5th place is Miss International which has kept its traditional format with all candidates parading in National Costume, Swimsuit, and Evening Gown. Dragging as it may, the format is still Miss International original, which basically allows for the judges to actually choose the best of the best during the competition's usual 5-hour pageant. 

In the last place, is Miss Grand International which has become a smorgasbord of formats, borrowing, if not blatantly stealing unique elements from other pageants. Miss Grand International has Miss Universe's elements while getting Miss International's speech round. The lack of own identity made this fledgling big pageant this year's last place in the Best in Format category.

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