Sunday, 10 March 2019

Pageantry Awards 2019: Miss Earth Wins Best in Interview Round

The Pageantry Awards 2019 is an annual event started by to recognize the best of the best among the six major pageants in the planet. 

Winner - Miss Earth 2018

Being the only pageant that tackles the global issue on climate change and environmental conservation, Miss Earth 2018 easily ruled the Best In Interview category as the judges were impressed as to how tough and practical the questions were given. They were even more impressed by how witty, and knowledgeable the delegates were in answering the questions. 

Miss Earth got high scores in the practicality of its questions. The interview round dealt with real-world problems and the delegates gave pragmatic answers, notwithstanding the fact that they're time-pressured. As a matter of fact, during the Final Four Interview, all contestants gave good answers that any one of them could win the crown. 

Runner-up - Miss Universe 2018

This year, Miss Universe gave tougher questions, especially during the Top 5 interviews. Some questions were political, while some require deep thoughts. The Final 3 interview question was a bit of a rehash of previous editions, but the three remaining contestants proved to be formidable competitors and gave fans mind-blowing answers. 

Highly Commended - Miss World 2018

While the finals night itself, the interviews were pageant patty at its best, the judges gave Miss World good scores for its highly innovative Head To Head Challenge. In this competition leading to the Miss World finals, the contestants were divided into groups and in a talk show format, were asked to introduce themselves and talk about their projects and advocacies. 

Other Pageants

Miss International placed 4th with its perennial Final Speech which allows the contestants to talk about what they believe is the role and place of a Miss International queen. While everything about Miss International is dragging and traditional, the Final Speech which it has originated is elegant and gave fans some insights as to who will probably clinch the crown. 

In 5th place is Miss Supranational with its Interview Round that felt rushed. With its appalling set of hosts, Miss Supranational indeed suffered in its scores. The judges wished that maybe next year, the organization could get international hosts that speak English to handle the show properly.

In the last place is Miss Grand International which to many judges felt fake in its interview and speech round. The speech round, to be more precise, has been cited as the pageant's most cringe-worthy moment with the candidates talking cliches and delivering speeches that all of us might have read or heard before. The focus of MGI on peace advocacy resulted in some pageant patty questions and the most cliched answers ever heard in modern pageantry.

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