Friday, 1 February 2019

Pageantry Awards 2019: Miss Grand International Wins Best In Opening Number

The Pageantry Awards 2019 is an annual event started by to recognize the best of the best among the six major pageants in the planet. 
Pageantry Awards 2019 Miss Grand International Wins Best In Opening Number

Winner - Miss Grand International 2018

Miss Grand International has made it its tradition to have its contestants dance during the opening of the pageant. It was not original as we have seen it already before in Miss Earth, Miss Universe, and Miss World. But Miss Grand International has been consistent with the opening dance number. And this year, they've given fans another energetic opening number featuring the 2017 queen Maria Jose Lora. 

The choice of music may not be the best, but it was still danceable and rhythmic. The opening number correctly set the mood of another exciting edition. It was the perfect combination of showcasing the contestants dancing skills and providing fans with entertainment. Hence, MGI's opening number scored the highest among our judges.

Runner Up - Miss Earth 2018

Miss Earth tried another style in 2018 with a recorded introduction voiceover by the candidates and one by one they come out to the stage in a continental grouping. They capped the opening number with a well-rehearsed and carefully choreographed short dance routine.

The music choice was superb, which Miss Earth really does a good job every year. The only downside with this year's edition is the introduction was a bit dragging. It took so long for all the contestants to be introduced that the energy and excitement of fans could a little be dampened. Nonetheless, the opening number ended in an explosive dance routine which easily won the Runner Up for Miss Earth. 

Highly Commended - Miss World 2018

Miss World once again showcased a dance number from the candidates and with excellent camera work and large stage, easily got good scores to place third this year. 

The music choice was a bit on edge but, nevertheless, it was energetic and well-choreographed. Together with the Dances Of The World, the opening number is one of the few remaining exciting parts of what appeared to be a three hour long dragging show of Miss World. 

Other Pageants

Miss Supranational placed fourth with its campy and yet very youthful dance opening. It was fun to watch, but the camera shots made it appear lousy since the girls looked on TV crowding on stage. Worse, they had to dance with one of the worst dance steps ever devised in any beauty pageants ever aired.

Fifth place is Miss Universe which was a bit of a downer in what could have been a perfectly entertaining three-hour show. The opening number only featured Neyo dancing to a fantastic song albeit it was not danceable at all. Worse, the candidates just walked on stage during the opening, without doing any dance.

The last place is Miss International which featured no dance number or musical guest but a dragging National Costume parade as its opening.

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