Thursday, 24 January 2019

Why Six Major Pageants Are Recognised?

We've been receiving a lot of hate for the past few days when we've posted about the "Six Major Beauty Pageants." Some accused us of not doing an excellent job of researching. Worse, others likened us with alleged paid bloggers like Global Beauties of being under the payroll of a certain pageant.
Six Major Beauty Pageants is not, in any way, affiliated or connected with any international pageants. Our website isn't paid to cover any pageants. The people behind our website and social media pages are not franchise holders or national directors who have to trumpet all good things about a certain beauty pageant, reasonable or not.

Our website is one created purely out of our passion for beauty pageants. We're here to recognize the best of the best, but we're obliged to call out the bad parts as well, without any vested interest. Only the truth can be expected from our website. 

Going back to the main point of this post, the concept of "major pageants" is a hotly contested topic online. The reason for this could be the fact that Missosology, the world's largest beauty pageant portal, coined the Big 4 which eventually became the Big 5, comprised of Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss International, and Miss Supranational. 

On the other hand, another high profile pageant blog due to its longevity, Global Beauties had the "Grandslam Pageants" which consists of Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Supranational, and Miss Grand International. These opposing concepts had cause some heated debates, bashing, and trolling online, especially between fans of Miss Earth and Miss Grand International which are ominously absent in either of the major pageants list.

We can all disagree and discuss which pageant is considered "major" but one thing is for sure, mainstream media widely recognized the concept of the "Big 4". The "Big 4" is the original and longest running concept of major beauty pageants, reported by big television networks like BBC, NBC, and CCTV. The "Big 4" concept (Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth) presents stability, with three out of four of these pageants have widely distributed television broadcast (Universe, World, and Earth) and three out of four are more than five decades old (World, Universe, and International).

So we could have likened the "Big 4" concept to the original "Big 3" television network in the United States. The "Big 3" are NBC, CBS, and ABC, the three most prominent and most watched broadcast in the US for several decades. There was broad acceptance, and the term has remained up to this day. 

But in the late 80s, Ruper Murdoch launched the FOX network. And in a decade, FOX was able to overtake one of the "Big 3" in the Nielsen ratings and for the first time became the most-watched broadcast network when it had "American Idol" and the "Superbowl." By then, FOX was already considered a major television network but is still not part of the legacy "Big 3" networks.

It's the same in beauty pageants. The "Big 4" is the legacy list of major beauty pageants and would remain to be the "Big 4". But it is undeniable that two beauty pageants have already risen in popularity, profile, and quality that it would be a crime not to recognize their achievements. 

The "Big 4" is already without question, the four major pageants. Miss Universe is the most popular one, owing to its amazingly produced final show and the American PR machine building it for decades. Miss World is the oldest and owing to its British origin, has the degree of respectability and elegance that makes it a coveted title, albeit a rapidly declining quality of its final show. 

Miss International has an effortless technical production but it has history, and its integrity is unparalleled among the international pageants. Lastly, Miss Earth has the best advocacy, which is timely and relevant, plus a rapidly growing number of international broadcast.

But Miss Grand International is our social media darling, growing its fanbase in populous nations like India and Indonesia, and with a Miss Universe-like preliminary show and format (unfortunately not the quality), it has gained a lot of followers in Latin America. The Thai-based pageant is now the third most followed pageant in Facebook, next to Miss Universe and Miss World, and the second with the most massive Instagram following next to Miss Universe. 

While there were claims of auto-likes, fake Facebook and Instagram followers, we can't still deny the clout that MGI was able to create in a short span of five years. It's a combined effort of smart social media marketing plus high-quality images and live streaming that made the pageant endearing among many fans. 

Miss Supranational is already one that deserves recognition. The Polish-based pageant has consistently delivered amazingly designed stage and decently produced final shows that are far better than that of Miss International. In 2012 and 2013, Miss Supranational produced a quality of the show that is similar to Miss World, trumping that of Miss Earth which was then dealing with a scandal that shook it to its core, which came to be unfounded after all. (The scandal, however, was milked by Global Beauties, using it as a ground to remove Miss Earth from its list).

Miss International is a significant beauty because it is historic and is a legacy pageant. But Miss Grand International and Miss Supranational have a better presentation than the previous one. Does this mean that Miss International should be removed?

The answer is NO. As fans, we're not in the business of promoting other pageants by pulling down others. Unlike Global Beauties, we don't have any personal vendetta against Miss Earth. The controversial beauty pageant from the Philippines has remained classy and professional in dealing with its critics and detractors. We don't base our determination of "major" solely by history only, nor by the glitz and glitter of its finals. 

There are so many factors that have to be weighed and considered. Consideration of one element should benefit all international pageants in the list. The determination should not be nitpicked to favor one over another.

Having six major beauty pageants would be more in the line of the beauty pageant spirit --- inclusivity and acceptance. Moreover, having six major pageants would be more exciting as we can really judge them together in one list for the Pageantry Awards, giving us fans a clearer picture of which pageant did better over another in a particular pageant season.

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