Tuesday, 22 January 2019

The Pageantry Awards 2019 Categories Announced

The Pageantry Awards 2019 is an inspiring second edition. First, the past year has been a year of so much variety as to formats and style in beauty pageant presentation. 
Pageantry Awards 2019
2018 also affirmed the belief that social media and the internet will be the new frontier for international pageants — with pageant activities, preliminary shows, and even the finals being streamed live to audience and fans in all corners of the globe.

Millions of views, likes, comments, and interactions made 2018 as the most engaged pageant season ever. Of course, social engagement also meant for more vicious bashing, we can all agree that online bashers and trolls do not represent the majority nor the entirety of the pageant community. 

With these aforementioned exciting things in 2018, ThePageantry.com decided to expand our categories this year, adding awards for pageants with excellent social media updates, plus additional technical prizes for the pageants' final show.

Below is the list of the awards to be handed out at The Pageantry Awards 2019:

Pageant of the Year
Best in Candidates’ Overall Quality
Best in Host Country
Best in Pageant Format
Best in Evening Gown Round
Best in Swimsuit Round
Best in Interview Round
Best in Musical Score
Best in Opening Number
Best in Stage Design
Best in Pageant Presenter
Best in Social Media
Best in Preliminary Show
Best in Pageant Activities

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