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Review: Miss Supranational gains stability on its 10th year

Miss Supranational is now on its 10th year. The Polish-based pageant started low-key in 2009 and slowly gained traction with its amazing stage design and awards show-like quality of lighting. 

In its infancy, Miss Supranational was able to overtake older pageants like Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth regarding amazing stage design. However, through the years, the pageant’s format and entertainment has gone stale and is now bordering generic.
Miss Supranational 2018 Valeria Vazquez
Puerto Rico's Valeria Vazquez being crowned by Miss Supranational 2017 Jenny Kim. (Photo Courtesy of YouTube)

2018 Changes

The 10th-anniversary show added several changes to the format to make it more exciting. The evening gown competition, for the first time ever, gave the contestants the opportunity to be heard and discuss something relevant to their individual causes and advocacies.

These changes were refreshing, adding more character to what would usually be a 2-hour of contestants dancing and parading on stage to music covered by some random Polish singers. Moreover, the evening gown competition gave the show the “competition” it badly needed.
Miss Supranational 2018 Evening Gown Round
Amazingly executed Evening Gown Round of Miss Supranational 2018. (Photo Courtesy of YouTube)
For past years, Miss Supranational added several segments like “fantasy lingerie” or “red dresses” which had given not a pageant competition atmosphere but rather a fashion show vibe which at times, feel dragging. It could be the first time in the pageant’s 10-year history that I, as a pageant fan, have honestly assessed the contestants and root for them during eliminations.

Male Hosts

It is understandable that Polish hosts are needed since Miss Supranational is still, a Polish TV show. However, the handsome duo hosted the show in English, and that’s where everything went wrong.
The two hosts were really painful to listen and to look at. It seems that the spiels were written by some sixth-grade student and the delivery made by them was just awkward.

Since Miss Supranational is an international competition, the producers of the pageant should get better English-speaking hosts. If this will happen, the entire final show will be elevated and will become more appealing. 

Preliminary Activities

This is the first year that Miss Supranational made an effort to make its activities more accessible to fans. The pageant’s social media pages have been busy streaming live the sashing ceremony, preliminary competitions, and the visits of the ladies to some picturesque spots of the host town.

As to the number of activities, Miss Supranational is primarily on the same level as Miss Grand International. But the latter did a way better job in making it more exciting through better live stream quality and amazing HD photos.

In fact, it seems that Miss Supranational copied Miss Grand International’s strategies in winning followers in both Facebook and Instagram. 

Miss Supranational held an Instagram liking contest for the Top 10 who would join the exclusive spa with Miss Supranational 2017, Jenny Kim. 

It’s basically on the same vein as that of MGI’s Instagram liking contests for the Top 10 girls who could join the organization’s president for a special dinner.


Miss Supranational 2018 is an excellent edition. The pageant has already reached certain stability, carving a place among the popular international competitions. 

While Miss Supranational is enjoying the 4th highest Facebook fans next to Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss Grand International, surprisingly it lags behind Miss Earth and Miss International in organic social media engagement. 

Moreover, Miss Supranational is also dead last among the major pageants in Google Trends, showing that it lags behind in piquing the interest of fans and casual searchers online.

We hypothesize that Miss Supranational lacks the passionate and rabid supporters that Miss Earth and Miss Grand International has. Miss Earth is strongly supported by Filipino fans while Indonesians rally behind Miss Grand International. 

The noise created by these two factions undoubtedly contributes to the tremendous traction that propelled Miss Earth to the 3rd rank in Google trends surpassing Miss International and Miss Grand International tying Miss Supranational even though it's much younger by half a decade.

Suggestions for Miss Supranational

Bring more excitement to the pageant system is key to competing against much more established pageants. Miss Supranational already has the stability as a pageant brand. It only needs to continue introducing changes that would win more passionate and loyal fans. 

Why not bring the pageant to Asia? Miss Supranational can surely host the pageant in some Asian nation, and the cost would not be that much considering that foreign exchange would be on its advantage as Poland is relatively way richer. Surely, hosting the pageant in Poland 9 times in its first 10 years might have already given the organization a more sustainable purse.
Miss Supranational 2018 Stage
Another spectacular stage design for the Miss Supranational finals. (Photo Courtesy of YouTube)
It would also be more convincing that Miss Supranational is about glamour and a TV extravaganza if there would be an international musical guest performing. Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss Earth are all graced by global icons and to be on that same league, Miss Supranational should enlist one. After all, Miss Supranational is being sold as a “superb television spectacle,” and paid sites like Global Beauties are all in praise to Miss Supranational for being expensive yet undeniably, the show itself seems to run on a tight budget.

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