Sunday, 27 January 2019

Pageantry Awards 2019: Miss World's Angela Chow Wins Best Pageant Presenter

The Pageantry Awards 2019 is an annual event started by to recognize the best of the best among the six major pageants in the planet. 

Winner - Miss World 2018's Angela Chow

For the nth time, Angela Chow once again played the TV presenter for the Miss World pageant. The seasoned and veteran TV host has presented Miss World pageant so many times that it felt that she is already a fixture of the pageant.

This year, Angela had the massive task of once again steering the final show, which for years have become dragging and less exciting. And Angela dis a great job. She was commanding, eloquent, and charming and did the presenting of a massive show like Miss World in both English and Chinese.

Although she was assisted by several co-presenters, it was clear that Angela served as the nucleus of the team. She basically is the most senior concerning presenting Miss World, plus she represents the host country and its people.

Others might say that she was a boring TV presenter, but if you would think clearly, it was the beauty pageant's format that was boring and not the person acting as host. She was given the task of steering the entire show, and it went smoothly and elegantly. 

Runner Up - Miss Earth 2018's James Deakin

For the second year, car enthusiast and television host James Deakin served as presenter of Miss Earth pageant. And with his incredible energy, classic good looks, charm, and quick wit, James managed to steer the fast-paced show into arguably its best edition so far. 

What made James Deakin a standout is his enormous and invigorating energy. He lit up the stage all the while keeping the focus and attention to the contestants. Deakin won last year's Best Pageant Presenter and this year, he was edged a little bit by Angela Chow. But he did a great job once more, that seeing him next year would probably be most likely.

Highly Commended - Miss Universe 2018's Steve Harvey

Another returning presenter is Steve Harvey, once again hosting the Miss Universe pageant. The mega-successful talk show host and American celebrity, Steve Harvey managed to inject once again his charisma and character in hosting the three-hour show. The only let down is when it took Steve a long time to talk about himself instead of the pageant and the contestants. 

But Steve Harvey brought with him is charisma and sense of humor that it was really entertaining seeing him do the casual interviews. And after doing the Miss Universe hosting for three previous editions, hearing Steve's voice announcing the semifinals has now become somewhat a Miss Universe tradition.

Other Pageants

2018 is the year of returning hosts, and Miss Grand International 2018 is no exception. Filipino actor and Binibining Pilipinas host Xian Lim returned for the 2018 edition, this time doing a solo job. Xian, as always, looked dashing and has this charming presence but his scores were dampened by his numerous mistakes and booboos.

Placing fifth is seasoned Japanese host Tetsuya Bessho who co-presented Miss International 2018. He was elegant in an old school style and did a good job. However, his wooden Japanese method of presenting the final show was not everyone's cup of tea. 

Lastly, placing sixth is Miss Supranational 2018 co-presenter Maciej Dowbor. The better presenter of the all-male duo that hosted Miss Supranational, Maciej did what he could with poorly written spiels that should not have been the case for what supposed to be a major beauty competition.

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