Friday, 25 January 2019

Pageantry Awards 2019: Miss Universe wins Best In Preliminary Show

The Pageantry Awards 2019 is an annual event started by to recognize the best of the best among the six major pageants in the planet. 
Pageantry Awards 2019 Miss Universe wins Best In Preliminary Show

Winner - Miss Universe 2018

The Pageantry Awards for Best In Preliminary Show is clearly won by Miss Universe. The pageant hosted in Thailand boasted excellently produced preliminary shows for both the National Costume and the Preliminary Competition, that could be said to be way better than the other international pageants' actual final show. 

With great camera work, well thought of musical score, and high-quality live streaming, the Miss Universe Preliminary Show dominated social media and YouTube for days, social engagement reaching the level that other international pageants got combined.

Miss Universe 2018 made use of the vast runway and the perfect Miss Universe musical score being used for decades was given a Thai twist, which made it not only entertaining but also culturally relevant. Having said that, Miss Universe 2018 clearly dominated the score sheet for the Best In Preliminary Show judging.

Runner Up - Miss Grand International 2018

With Miss Universe-inspired Preliminary Show, Miss Grand International won the Runner Up position.  Miss Grand International 2018 produced an exciting National Costume show that generated more than 1 million views online and a Preliminary Show that ran and felt much likely the same as that of Miss Universe. 

The difference lies only with the video quality, lighting, and stage design. Apparently, Miss Universe had the better version hence MGI had to settle the Runner Up position. Nonetheless, MGI's Preliminary Show was way better compared to the rest. 

A young pageant was able to do this level of quality for a Preliminary Show speaks so much of the hard work and dedication that MGI's team has poured into to aggressively bring the pageant in the big league. And all their work did pay off.

Highly Commended - Miss Earth 2018

Year after year, loyal fans of Miss Earth have criticized the pageant for its crappy live streaming and horrible camera work for its Pre-Judging rounds. This year, it was no different. Same old, same old, they said. But the other international beauty pageants, except the two above mentioned, were also plagued with the same problems. As such, Miss Earth edged them regarding innovation and uniqueness of its preliminary shows. 

Miss Earth has three Pre-Judging Rounds all streamed live via Facebook. The No Make Up was a clear standout, since it is the only pageant in the planet to set criteria for the candidates to be judged without makeup. Another Pre-Judging was the Figure and Form, where the candidates were solely scored based on their body figure. Hence they walk the runway with their face semi-covered. Lastly, Miss Earth is the only pageant which streamed live its panel interview for the Intelligence Pre-Judging. 

Other Pageants

Placing fourth is Miss Supranational which we've seen improvements regarding its Preliminary Show. The Preliminary Shows were in the same quality as that of Miss Earth but lacked the uniqueness and creativity that the latter had. 

Fifth is Miss World which only had the Top Model Fast Track as the one which qualified as a Preliminary Show. The Top Model event this year has definitely gone down in quality, far from the magnificent show that fans have witnessed during the 2013 competition in Indonesia.

Placing sixth is Miss International which decided to have a Preliminary Swimsuit show which was held in a small room which looks like a dance studio with a little choreography and had a shaky camera which made the viewing experience really bad.

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