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Pageantry Awards 2019: Miss Grand International wins Best In Social Media

The Pageantry Awards 2019 is an annual event started by to recognize the best of the best among the six major pageants in the planet. 
Pageantry Awards 2019 Miss Grand International Wins Best In Social Media

Winner - Miss Grand International 2018

For a very young pageant like Miss Grand International, creating a massive social media following and to reach social media engagement about the same level as that of more established pageants like Miss World and Miss Earth is genuinely remarkable.

Setting aside the social media blunder of the pageant's president and its reigning queen, Miss Grand International is this year's big winner in the Best in Social Media category. A combination of smart Facebook and Instagram campaigns, liking contests, and high-quality live streaming and images, Miss Grand International got the attention of many fans and has vowed to continue to do so in the coming years. 

This victory should come as a challenge though for the other international pageants. We've reached the age of streaming and the internet, and the battleground for the beauty pageant "pie" is no longer exclusively on television. With a dedicated social media and marketing team, Miss Grand International was able to establish a niche in the beauty pageants' industry in a span of half a decade, which would be unthinkable during the 90s without massive capital expenditures.

Runner Up - Miss Supranational 2018

Winning the Runner Up title is another young pageant which has aggressively used social media as well. Miss Supranational even had similar Facebook and Instagram "liking" contests albeit in a much smaller scale compared to that of MGI. 

Miss Supranational also had so many informative posts about the contestants, classy photoshoots, and various updates and tidbits that keep fans glued to the pageant during the entire competition. And that was a huge task, considering that Miss Supranational coincided with a much bigger show--- Miss World. 

Massive improvements were seen in 2018, and this Runner Up award should give Miss Supranational the necessary push to continue improving.

Highly Commended - Miss Earth 2018

Miss Earth's social media team saw improvements this year regarding the frequency of updates and becoming more informative. Miss Earth's social media has always prioritized the social relevance angle, instead focusing on glamour and glitz. 

During the month-long competition, fans were updated through various announcements. While at times, the updates are already late and no longer timely, Miss Earth social media team remains to be one of the classiest among the international beauty pageants.

While we applaud the Miss Earth team, we see much room for improvements. The social media updates could be made more compelling, more interesting, and some added glamour is badly needed. We understand that Miss Earth is an environmental event but striking a balance between its advocacy and the fact that it still remains a beauty pageant, would arguably conclude to better results.

Other Pageants

Placing fourth is Miss International which has dramatically improved this year regarding social media updates. Miss International hired new people to take care of its social media, and it was a 360 degrees turn. Updates for the contestants leading to their arrival in Tokyo, Japan were informative.

Fifth is Miss World which tried its best to update fans through Facebook and Instagram but still lacking in frequency and timeliness. Most of the times, the updates were late, and it was just sparse all throughout the competition. The fact that Facebook isn't really available in China could be a factor.

Last is Miss Universe which sits with the most massive social media following, nearly double than that of the five other pageants combined. But Miss Universe failed to recognize its franchise holders with its virtually zero updates on its contestants and its activities. Good thing that the pageant is so famous that updates could be obtained through fan-made/fan dedicated websites and social media pages.

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