Monday, 28 January 2019

Pageantry Awards 2019: Miss Earth Wins Best Stage Design

The Pageantry Awards 2019 is an annual event started by to recognize the best of the best among the six major pageants in the planet. 
Pageantry Awards 2019 Miss Earth Wins Best Stage Design

Winner - Miss Earth 2018

The judges had a tough time determining the winner this year. But with innovative design and relevance to the pageant's cause, the stage of Miss Earth 2018 got the top scores and won this year's Best Stage Design. 

Miss Earth did the unthinkable this year and created a fantasy-inspired stage which is much in line with the 18th edition's theme --- "Goddesses of the Earth." But what pushed the design to a whole new level is the ingenuity by using recyclable materials. 

GMA Network, the new Philippine broadcast partner of Miss Earth, designed and created a fantastic stage using 90% recycled materials. And being an environmental event slash beauty pageant, Miss Earth hit the note and set the bar high for aesthetics and social relevance.

Runner Up - Miss Supranational 2018

Miss Supranational's signature has been its amazing stages through the years. The 2018 and its 10th edition is definitely not an exception. 

With clever arrangement and layering of LED screens, the designers of the Miss Supranational stage created an impressive and elegant scene reminiscent of film or television awards shows. It certainly gave the pageant a vibe of elegance, glamour, chic, and modernity. 

Highly Commended - Miss Universe 2018

Last year's winner of Best Stage Design placed third this year with its huge X-shaped stage. The stage layout gave that much-needed runway space, which made this year's edition action-filled and created that Victoria Secret vibe.

With strategically placed huge LED screens, the stage looked massive on the TV screens and coupled with precise camera work, Miss Universe 2018 is once again a great television event that fans quickly fell in love with.

Other Pageants

Placing fourth is Miss World 2018 with its complex stage design which still ended up elegant looking. With the design incorporating what it looked like a UN Assembly Hall or that of the defunct game show "Hollywood Squares," Miss World's stage was odd at first glance, but it grows on you as the pageant goes on.

In fifth place is Miss Grand International 2018 with what has become a tiring use of whole LED screen as a stage backdrop, without paying homage to the rich culture of its host country. Being held in Myanmar, fans were expecting that the Golden Pagodas of the country will figure prominently in the design. Unfortunately, MGI chose to use random graphics on its huge LED screens which made the entire look and the show itself bland and generic. 

Lastly, in sixth place is Miss International 2018 with its modest and basic stage design which looks like a school auditorium production. The stage design lacked aesthetic appeal due to its simplicity and lack of color. While there were improvements in stage lighting, Miss International still has to level up with its designs to be at least on the same level as the other international pageants.

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