Friday, 25 January 2019

Pageantry Awards 2019: Miss Earth Wins Best Pageant Activities

The Pageantry Awards 2019 is an annual event started by to recognize the best of the best among the six major pageants in the planet. 
Pageantry Awards 2019 Miss Earth wins Best in Pageant Activities

Winner - Miss Earth 2018

Miss Earth is once again hailed as having the Best Pageant Activities. The Philippine-based pageant once again created a hectic and yet memorable line-up of activities and pre-pageant events. From the environmental school tours on its first week, eco-tours in many parts of the Philippine archipelago, ecological forum, and numerous sub-competitions, Miss Earth has remained true to its advocacy with its pageant activities all the while making the pageant a "holiday of a lifetime" for its delegates. 

While allegations of sexual harassment marred this year's edition by a pageant's minor sponsor, Miss Earth's pageant activities remained to be the best among the international pageants. The girls were treated like royalties in communities they've visited and this reception of the queens by Filipino fans is still incomparable.

Accounting for exciting events, amazing Filipino hospitality, and relevance to the pageant's cause and advocacy, Miss Earth trumps the judging score sheet and wins its second Best Pageant Activities trophy.

Runner Up - Miss World 2018

Miss World's well-produced "Head To Head" Challenge and the enduring Fast Track Events made it this year's Runner Up for Best Pageant Activities. Miss World, a pageant which gives much emphasis on finding a well-rounded and more dynamic winner, selects its semifinals and the eventual winner through grueling pageant activities. 

Unlike Miss Earth, Miss World's pageant activities are more relaxed and refined. The contestants are given more time for rest, and yet they were still able to explore the host country and its numerous attractions. The only downside is the lack of updates, probably because Facebook isn't available in China. Nonetheless, Miss World has continually given fans activities to watch out for, gaining millions of views and votes online.

Highly Commended - Miss Grand International

Miss Grand International 2018 was held in Myanmar and expectations were high that the Thai-based pageant would give Miss Earth a run for its money, regarding pageant activity that is. 

While Miss Grand International boasts high-quality live streaming and HD photos for most of its activities, the pageant paled in comparison to our winner and runner up in variety and relevance. The pageant activities of MGI were a bit repetitive, with much live streaming for various dinners and meals of the contestants. 

The tour of Yangon's Buddhist Temples was amazingly produced, bringing fans into the very place itself with its trademark high-quality live streaming. But the previously announced visit to Bagan, a cultural and heritage site in Myanmar, was scrapped last minute, leaving candidates days of being idle in their hotel lobbies. 

But the number of activities and the quality of updates are enough for MGI to be Highly Commended for this year's Best Pageant Activities.

Other Pageants

Miss International 2018 is in 4th place with its annual cultural activities done in Japanese fashion, simple, elegant, and meaningful. This year's social media posts kept fans updated and an upgrade from previous editions.

Miss Universe 2018 is in 5th place with Thailand as host. The Thais were amazing hosts, but the lack of fun and relevant activities resulted in Miss Universe's poor scores. The 2016 hosting of the Philippines provided numerous fashion shows and tours for many candidates, which were strikingly absent at this year's edition.

And ranking 6th place is Miss Supranational with visibly no pageant activities that require the contestants to visit Polish attractions, apart from its preliminary competitions that are usually confined within the hotel lobby or indoor pool. Miss Supranational should think more worthwhile activities for its candidates, and not merely take photos of them while supposedly enjoying the snow outside of its official hotel.

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